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Asia Church of God is one of the oldest Christian group in Kerala. The ancient leaders of Asia Church of God were baptized directly by Mr. Noel who was a foreign missionary. At that time, the state Kerala was not formed and there were three small states named Travancore, Kochi and Malabar. On December 11th 1929, Asia Church of God registered themselves as ‘Travancore Church of God’ at Punalur Register Office. The founder president Pastor T. Thomas (Nedumon koliyakkod Thomachan) was accompanied by Patthiswethil Joshua , M .C . Chacko , Pattazhy Markose , Avaneeshwaram Yohannan , Kulakkada Yohannan and Puthumala Yohannan. The Pastor with his worshiped life and gospel of God travelled whole Kerala to spread the divine of God.

Pastor Ashtamudi Ummachan was the one who had given support and advices for Asia Church of God. Pastor John Markose Elampal took in charge as the new president of the church after the sudden death of Pastor T. Thomas. After 40 years from starting, on 4th of July 1970, Under the leadership of Pastor John Markose; Travancore Church of God re-registered as Asia Church of God at Quilon Register Office. Later, Pastor Markose quit his position as sabha president by himself and thus Pastor C. Mathai got selected as President. After some years he also resigned his position due to his health issues and Pastor Joshua got selected for the corresponding position. In 1999 he retired due to ageing and then onwards, Pastor K. C. Johny became the new president of Asia Church of God.

The group of fully committed Pastors and gospel teams are the real strength of Asia Church of God. The church is mainly organized with Sunday prayers, Sunday school, family prayers, fasting prayers, full night prayers, house visits and public meetings. Sunday school, Youth Fellowship, Sodari Samajam is some of the spiritual organizations of Asia Church of God. The church is strictly obeying and following the disciples of Jesus and is keeping his principles such as Repentance, Baptism, Holy Atrocity, Detachment, Holiness, Last supper, Resurrection till now.

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